A Review by student

I have recently joined Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute Mumbai and im really really happy. Its been

just 3 months but this belly dance class in Mumbai feels like home away from home. The place, the

studio makes me really happy, the people around, the instructor team and Ritambhara Sahni mam's

vibrant energy. She has such a pleasing personality I must say :)

My first day here was when I took their trial workshop and I did one on one training with Ritambhara

Sahni mam herself. On the 1st day itself I connected with her so well. She can really make you feel so

comfortable and her experience in teaching shows no doubt !!!. I love her explanations, in fact I just love

to listen to her talk. One can learn anything in the way she speaks. She is really an awesome

teacher.Watching Ritambhara Sahni belly dance on her own is just such an awesome feel and experience.

I have not seen anyone move the way she does and she is the best teacher ever. Want to be under her

guidance forever and ever. She does everything that she can for her students. Her vision to create a set

up where we can practice how much ever we want to in all her batches at all centers is so thoughtful.

She has set up an institute of the students and for the students as she rightly says. This is the 1st teacher

I have seen who loves to promote her students but not herself. She wants worldwide popularity for each

and every student of hers and she says that the work of her students will reflect her as a teacher and

institute and give the world the real picture of what it is to learn under Ritambhara Sahni at her Belly

Dance Institute Mumbai. This is such amazing vision and so much love and care for the students. I am so

amazed at Ritambhara Sahni mam- the way she is --- caring, generous, lovable, fantastic sense of humour,

passionate, a great entertainer and philosopher and guide at the same time. Ritambhara Sahni is an

inspiration. Her personality is strong and the most positive person you would want to be around. No one

goes home without laughing out loud in her class and all the students say that coming in to Ritambhara

Sahni belly dance institute Mumbai makes them feel warm , welcome and happy. I see the happiness on

Ritambhara Sahni mam's face and within her when she sees a sincere student working hard and coming

to all centers and practising. Her patience level is amazing, she can repeat her teachings several times

for her students till they do not get the moves and choreography right !!

Im proud to be a part of Ritambhara Sahni belly dance institute Mumbai . It is surly the best belly dance

class in Mumbai and Ritambhara Sahni is the best belly dance teacher in the universe :)

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