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I essentially want to pen down my review here as i really want everyone to know what an incredible

incredible teacher Ritambhara Sahni is. I am really so glad to be a part of Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance

Institute Mumbai. I joint the institute just a few months ago at their belly dance classes in Khar West and

I must say that i have never really experienced a teacher like Miss Ritambhara Sahni.

I love belly dance, i have joint belly dance classes abroad when i use to live there but I must say that the

way in which Ritambhara Sahni teaches is even beyond international standards. She is amazing. She is so

smooth in the way she explains. Her explanations are accurate. What Ritambhara Sahni has with her and

it shows is the experience of being a teacher since over 20 years in the city of Mumbai.

When I studied the moves of belly dance abroad, there was always something that was amiss in what I

was doing. I can say my movements were incomplete, not to precision, no matter how much I practised.

I use to just think to myself that - ' I guess practice makes perfect and there will be a day that I get there !!'

but Ritambhara Sahni proved me wrong. When I met Ritambhara Sahni mam for the 1st time, I did

inform her that I have done a bt of belly dance before. When I showed her my moves, she did a few

corrections on me in terms of positioning and my posture and told me precisely what to feel and think

when I do the technique and showed me the technique in many break downs. She gave importance to

small aspects and warned me about mistakes I could make. She did this with the utmost ease and at the

same time entertained me with her humour which also I have no words for. I cant tell you that in years

after changing several teachers, I know Ritambhara Sahni is the one I believe in and want to follow. She

knows what she is doing and of course there is no comparison !!! - I have witnessed that even in


I really glad to have found Ritambhara Sahni mam and for me she is the best belly dance teacher in the

world. She is a great teacher even otherwise. Her words of wisdom are captured by me in whatever she

says really each time. I admire her absolutely and hope to come up to her level of belly dancing someday

and strive to be the person and personality she is. Love you Ritambhara Sahni mam. Today I am a

stronger and happier person all thanks to your presence in my life. !!!

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